Saturday, February 26, 2011

Natural hair vs. Relaxed/Permed hair.

I sometimes get annoyed when naturals think they’re special because they don’t get perms. So…how were you feeling with that perm? I understand you take pride in your natural hair, as do I, but seriously? You’re the same person you were before you stopped getting perms. (At least I would hope so) I understand feeling free, liberated, and more confident, but you’re still you, and vice versa. Some girls are walking around slanging their weaves to naturals. So you think you’re better than I am because you had that 16 inch junk sewed into your head and glued to your scalp? Oh ok.

I don’t understand the discrimination in our own community.
I loved my relaxed hair just as much as I love my natural.
I haven't really had a weave so I don't know how that feels. Lol. *shrug*

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pros and Cons of Blowouts.

Hi everyone! I know I haven't been around for like a stinkin' month, but I've been busy with school and dwelling in a lot of self pity. Tsk Tsk. I know. But I've also been trying to work on my relationship with the Lord. If you don't believe...well I'm sorry.

Anywho. I haven't been doing much to my hair at all lately. The "Fro Comparison" was my second blowout on my hair since I've been natural and that's pretty much have I've had it since the time I took that picture about a month ago. I decided to blow it out because I cannot be walking out of the house with wet hair from a wash and go since it's winter and raining and snowing all over the place. The blow out is actually less maintenance also. 

Pros of blowouts: 
  • Stretched hair, no battling with shrinkage.
  • Don't have to wet hair everyday (as I had to do) for your hair to look decent. 
  • Easier to keep tangles away and to detangle of there are any.
  • Somedays I just fluff, put on a headband, and go.
  • More styles that shrunken hair won't allow.
Cons of blowouts:
  • If you want to have stretched hair for awhile, washing your hair is pretty much out of the question unless you don't mind blowing it out again (after washing of course)
  • It takes about an hour or two for me to blowout my hair because my hair is 4A (very very kinky coily), so I have to do very very small sections to avoid breakage and tangling.
  • Possible heat damage if not done correctly. (Direct heat or high temperatures.)
Steps I do to blow out my hair:
  • Wash my hair thoroughly, because it will be about a week or two before I wash it again so it has to be clarified.
  • I use Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner all over while it's wet and wait until my hair is damp to began.
  • I take a small section from the back, put oils on it, then a small amount of heat protectant. (I clip the rest of my hair out of the way.)
  • Next I detangle with a wide tooth comb.
  • Then I stretch my hair with my hands and blow dry that section.
  • Once I get to the ends, I use a comb while the blow dryer is blowing, and comb through.
  • When I am done with that section I twist it to get it out of the way, and go on to the next section.
It may seem like a lot of product in my hair but it isn't at all. My hair is light and has shine and movement when I am done. I hope that was clear to you all. :)

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend loves!

By the way: the picture above is a 3-4 day old twist out on blown out hair. I just fluff and go in the mornings.