Saturday, March 17, 2012

Genie Locs/Yarn braids Style #2.

Swoop Bang with Weave Basket in back into low pony.

Genie Locs/Yarn braids Style #1.

Two Strand Twist Bun in front with Bun in back.

The Yarn Braids are back!

Yes, the genie locs are back! I actually wanted to try something different than just black "locs" so I decided to add a few "hi lights". I have a few pieces of brown, red, and "blonde". I'll post better pictures in posts prior to this one.

I fell in love with them all over again! I cannot wait to loc my hair.

I again used Red Heart Super Saver yarn. The colors I used were Black, Claret (red), Coffee (brown), and Buff (blonde).

I burned the ends of my braids to seal them, except the Buff yarn. Since it's so light, if I were to burn them they would be black on the ends and looking straight tacky! Therefore I just dipped them in boiling water.

I crinkled my hair too! I love it so much more than straight locs. It gives it more shape, texture, and volume. I did so by plaiting my hair, I looked like Janet, and dipping them in boiling water, blow dried them dry, and unraveled the braids. I came out perfect!I'm pleased. :)

I plan on having them in for about 2 months, and I plan on getting more creative with hairstyles so for the next few weeks I will have "Yarn Braid Style" posts.

God bless! :)

2 Strand Flat Twist Out

  1. Blow dry hair to stretch.
  2. 2 strand 6 flat twists.
  3. Take down in morning, and it should lay perfectly. :)