Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm so sorry I've been gone for almost a month. It happens a lot. :\
But I do have pictures and a little commentary (look at posts below).

I got a few new headbands so I'll probably do an update on those. Lol.

Thanks for the love and support. Muahh!

Texture and Color shot.

First Braid out.

March 19, 2011.
It turned out okay. It was my VERY first one. I loved the volume, I just wish the coils at the top were like that all over. I just did two twists at the top also. :)

First Successful Twist out.

March 13, 2011.
I loved this and so did everyone else on campus!
It lasted a few days down, but I had to wear a twist out puff.