Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reactions to one womans BC.

"Mama hated it, daddy thinks I need a psychiatrist. And me, I love it. No regrets."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hair growth chart.

Jalen (the boyfriend) and I were talking the other day about my hair and how I'm very anxious to cut it in June and he said to me "Just go ahead and cut it for prom and get it over with." I was like "Nooooooo." I understand the get it over with thing but I don't think he understands that it's going to be tightly (or loosely) coiled, I'm still not sure on my hair type, and that although it wit have some length to it, it still will appear shorter than it really is. I really don't think I'm ready to cut it, especially on Prom! And i have no idea how I'm going to look with my graduation cap on. It aint happening until June, babyboy. I believe he thinks it's going to be a cute little pixie cut like Rihanna. He, well most people, aren't grasping the concept of "going natural".

We then started talking about length and I told him my hair should be just about the middle of my back by the end of 2012, he said more like 2014. I told him hair should grow 6 inches a year and he still insisted 2014. I decided to look up the wonderful chart above and it looks as though I'm right. lol. By the end of 2012 my last relaxer would have been 3 years and 2 months, which looks about middle of back in the chart. Of course it won't look as long because of the kinky, coily shrinkage. With the shrinkage I'm assuming it will look about the 2 year mark. Let's hope I can retain length in order to get to my goal. So far so good I believe.

Wish me luck. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Todays routine.

I haven't washed my hair in about a week which is no bueno, I've just been slackin. Yesterday while I was feeling around in my head I ran across a few knots and so much of my hair was matted up. I freaked out and grabbed the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In to detangle it. This reminded me why detangling is so very important and I haven't been doing it like I should have. 

Today I co-washed with Sauve Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner.

I detangled with my wide tooth comb in the shower to make it easier. After I got out I applied Wild Growth Hair Oil to my scalp only...
I detangled some more (ughhh! it seems like that's all I'm doing now!) and added some moisturizer and that's how I got my curls to pop in the previous post. I just wanted to make sure my new growth was well taken care of and not forgotten. I then twisted and bantu knoted my hair. I'm not sure how it will turn out but I'll post pics when I take them down in about an hour before I go to work...

5 months post relaxer.

5 months of new growth that's been hiding under my relaxed hair.
Smh. I didn't even know all that was back there.
& you can see how thin my relaxed hair is. Yuckkk.
My scalp looks icky too. Looks like I'm bald. lol.

Stops a little below collar bone,
pulled to show better length.
But still does it no justice.
I probably should have done the back. Ahh well..

My little curlies.I love them so. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

New product.

Yesterday mama bought me some new gel because she ran into a fellow natural diva and she suggested I use this Smooth N' Shine Curl Activator Gel with Aloe because it really worked for her.

    Claims: "Create any curl style. A unique blend of glycerin and Aloe Vera, Curl Activator Gel helps define and smooth curls while conditioning and softening dry, damaged hair. Added proteins helps strengthen and repair extra dry hair."
    Directions: Place desired amount in palm, rub hands together and apply to wet or dry hair. Finger-comb throughout for even distribution. Style as desired.
    • Water
    • Glycerin
    • Propylene Glycol
    • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
    • Panthenal
    • Hydrolyzed wheat protein
    • Hydrolyzed wheat starch
    • Carbomer
    • Oleth-20
    • Aminomethyl Propanol
    • Methylparaben
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • DMDM Hydantion
    • Disosium EDTA
    • Benzophenone-4
    • Fragrance
    • Ext. violet 2

I highly doubt I'd be able to use this right now because I still have a long way to go until I'm fully natural. I'm thinking I could possibly use it like I use my favorite gel, Fantasia ic Styling Gel.

 I swear by this gel. Since I'm still in the ugly duckling stage of my transition, this works wonders. When I use this it's as if my hair is still relaxed. Some people still don't know I've been 5 months without a relaxer which is good in some sense because I'm not trying to look busted. But once I'm fully natural I won't use this for the relaxed look but more to define my curls or I'll switch over to the Smooth N' Shine...depends.

In the meantime, I'll compare the two products and post pictures sometime this week. I'll also post the ingredients on the Fantasia gel.

    grow hair grow!

    Ok, so now I'm to the point where I need an afro!
    I'd probably just do it for fun & never wear it out in public but nonetheless I want one. :)

    The truth about relaxers

    "Hair breakage, hair thinning, lack of hair growth, scalp irritation, scalp damage, hair loss. These are just some of the complaints from many who experience problems due to the misuse of chemical hair relaxers. In fact, the FDA lists hair straighteners and hair dyes among its top consumer complaint areas. Yet, in so many stores around the country, chemicals are available for everyone to use, without much instruction, a powerful process which transforms the basic chemical makeup of the hair strand.

    Sodium Hydroxide is the strongest type of principal chemical used in some chemical relaxers because it provides the most long lasting and dramatic effects. However, this same sodium hydroxide is found in drain cleaners which well demonstrates the strength of this chemical. It is what is used in products that are referred to as “lye” relaxers. The strength varies from a pH factor of 10 to 14. With higher pH, the faster the straightening solution will take hold, but the more potential the damage. 
    Guanidine Hydroxide is the other common option of relaxer chemical used today. This is what is referred to as “no-lye” relaxers. This label can be misleading to some consumers. It does not imply that there aren't any strong chemicals used or that the chemicals used are somehow less potentially damaging. Some have mistakenly thought that with “no-lye” relaxers there are less steps and all the worry of chemical hair straightening is removed.

    Both lye and “no lye” relaxers are very strong chemicals that work in the same manner by changing the basic structure of the hair shaft. The chemical penetrates the cortex or cortical layer and loosens the natural curl pattern. This inner layer of the hair shaft is not only what gives curly hair its shape but provides strength and elasticity. Once this process is performed it is irreversible.

    This process which produces the desired effect of “straighter” hair at the same time leaves hair weak and extremely susceptible to breaking and further damage. One must keep in mind that relaxers do not help the hair, but actually strip it. So by applying chemicals to the hair, even if it is to achieve a desired effect, is never really to the benefit of your hair health.

    For more information visit The Truth About Hair Relaxers by Cassia McClain.

    Saturday, March 13, 2010


    My senior prom is coming up, April 17th, 
    & I have no idea how to style my hair.

    I'm five months post relaxer. My new growth is a little over 2 inches.
    (Well when prom comes I'll be 6months...)
    I haven't put heat in my hair since my last relaxer because I'm kind of scared.

    I just need ideas or tips on what I can do to blend the two textures or hide the natural curlies. :)

    I know about flexi rods or bantu knots but those seem more like everyday wear to me.
    I was considering a weave but I'm not sure if I have the money for all that.
    I really want something elegant...

    Should I just flat iron it?
    Stick with flexi rod and bantu knots?
    Get a weave?

    Puh-leez help me! :)

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010


    After looking at this pic, I might give the afro a go once it's long enough. :)
    She is werk'n it!

    Ignorance towards natural hair.

    Every time I tell someone that I'm going natural the only responses I get are:

    "Like Erykah Badu??"
    "Why would you do that? You're gonna have slave hair!"
    "You goin nappy??"
    "But you have good hair now."

    I look at these people and try to explain to them that natural hair isn't "nappy" hair. That is a stigma that has been used to describe Afro-type hair because it isn't straight like the Europeans. I try to explain that natural hair for the most part is kinky and curly NOT nappy. One young lady said that "There's a difference between natural and nappy." and I took that as a positive statement because she was right. I later found out that she was referring to me and she suggested I use a flat iron. I was so engulfed with rage because they don't get it! If I wanted striaght hair I would continue to get relaxers. She also doesn't understand that using heat too early or even at all during my transition can cause major heat damage and my hair will become permanently straight. I want the kinks and the coils. I want to embrace what God has given me. I can't believe we don't even know what our real texture is and think it's a bad thing!

    The Erykah Babu number has been pulled several times also. Yes, I will have hair like hers but I will not wear it in a afro. People assume that natural is always the afro....

    The one thing that irritates me the most is the good hair/bad hair number. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD HAIR AND BAD HAIR IS THE HEALTH. HEALTHY HAIR IS GOOD HAIR NO MATTER IF IT'S STRAIGHT OR AFRO-TYPE!!

    I'm pretty sure I have more to say but can't focus right now I have homework to do. Lol. But before you and I leave watch this video from my natural idol on ignorance towards natural hair! :)

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    RE: true beauty.

    True beauty comes from within. It is that quiet and sometimes
    awe-inspiring confidence that can't be contained. It helps others,
    brings joy to the world, and fosters happiness. True beauty can't be
    purchased, borrowed, or stolen. It is timeless and ethereal.

    - Deborah


    I've been on hiatus!
    I haven't been updating posts or anything
    because I've really been focused on my other blog.
    & I certainly didn't realize I had followers because I hid this one.
    ANYWHO, I shall return and update on a regular. :)

    Thanks loves.