Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ignorance towards natural hair. [II]

Once again I'm faced with ignorance about my hair. The "Afro" pics I just posted, I also posted on facebook. I've gotten a lot of postive comments and "likes". I really didn't care what people thought about it, good or bad, I just wanted to show how bold and out of the box I am. I wanted to show that I'm not ashamed of who I am. I'm very proud of myself for those pics.

I was on the phone with my ex/best friend, Jeremy, and he said to me, "Bruh. When are you cutting your afro?" and started laughing. I was very confused by the question because for one you can't just cut off an afro and for two, I didn't go natural just for the kicks and giggles! I said "never" and his response was laughter again and "You are not going to be walkng around with an afro." Excuse me?? Why can't I? I'm not doing it to please you or anyone else. And no, I don't plan to wear an afro. I style my hair so that it curls. And he's seen my hair before, curly... So I'm like what the fuck. Please grow up for a second.

What people don't understand is that all black people/african americans have curly hair for the most part. There are things we can do to make our hair curl. Our hair is kinky and curly. The afro's people see are just combed out curly hair and that's exactly what I did to achieve that look.

Jeremy also keeps asking me what I'm going to do with my hair once it's longer. His small mind to natural hair is that I can only wear an afro when it gets longer. Natural hair is very versatile.
I seriously can't wait to prove everyone wrong. But once again I'm not doing this for them. This is what I want; It's for me.


  1. fuck him and everyone else. you CHOSE to do this. i hate when ppl complain about the things i do smh...just go on about your day. =)

  2. Yes. He's very ignorant. I can't wait til you're able to acheive different styles too so you can stunt on his butt!

    I had a guy tell me to my face that I look better with straight hair. People are a mess. Smh.

  3. I can't wait till you prove him wrong either!!!

  4. Wow, IG-NOR-ANT! My own people never cease yo amze me... Hang in there & keep your head up girl :) I happen to love your hair.

  5. He will regret it ! ;)
    i have a lots of ex-friends, who laughing at me when I started to assuming and wearing my natural hair. now, I met them last time at a block party.. they were troubled coz they used to left me alone and now me and my hairare so powerful that they has seen that i don't need them.