Monday, April 8, 2013

Zury HT-Saja Wig Review

Price: $$$$$
Pros: Looks natural, movement, shine, low maintenance, very affordable. 
Cons: Sheds just a little, tangles around nape, elastic bands can be too tight.
I would recommend any women to buy this wig; for fun, protective styling, or just a new looks.


  1. Gurl, wigs are a life saver for me. That's like almost all I wear. This is a cute one. Im on verge of getting a new one.... and yeah I dislike when people ask is it real. Why cant you just admire it and move on? Gotta get all personal with it. Haha. I don't ask people about their weave/wig, I just say "Hey I like your hair" or "your hair is cute"

  2. Thanks for the post. Your review is really helpful and would also recommend you to keep posting similar reviews on wigs. Would love to read more from you. I specially love the last wig that you wear.