Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Natural Beautie: Redefined

Meet the M.I.A. lady behind this blog:

Name: Shelby, or just Shel.

Age: 22, often mistaken for 16

Located: The heart of TN, Nashville.

Years Natural: 4

Years Loc;d: 1

Years it took to love myself: a lifetime.
A few years ago I started this blog because I was newly natural and that was the cool thing to do; start a blog to document your journey, all the while in hopes of encouraging others on the exciting journey to nappturality (totally made that up).

As the years went on and I started college, and did more things to my hair faster than I could document them, this blog fell to the wayside. There were better bloggers who posted quality posts and did it quite often and consistently. That is something I just can't seem to do.

Now, here I am, four years later wanting to reinvent this blog. No longer will this be my hair journey, but it will be our journey to loving the beauty that we posse naturally; from our appearance, to our gifts and talents, and even our flaws. Let's go on a journey to love ourselves just the way we are, while also loving the person we will eventually become.



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