Saturday, March 13, 2010


My senior prom is coming up, April 17th, 
& I have no idea how to style my hair.

I'm five months post relaxer. My new growth is a little over 2 inches.
(Well when prom comes I'll be 6months...)
I haven't put heat in my hair since my last relaxer because I'm kind of scared.

I just need ideas or tips on what I can do to blend the two textures or hide the natural curlies. :)

I know about flexi rods or bantu knots but those seem more like everyday wear to me.
I was considering a weave but I'm not sure if I have the money for all that.
I really want something elegant...

Should I just flat iron it?
Stick with flexi rod and bantu knots?
Get a weave?

Puh-leez help me! :)


  1. Of course I don't really have experience in this field && I am no expert, but I just love when you rod your hair. It's such a good look for you! :D You could do something like homecoming, but with a twist. Maybe a bang... idk. But I like the flexi rods! :D

  2. W i g. Join the Wendy Williams revolution : )