Thursday, May 27, 2010

A true transition.

Not only is my hair transitioning from relaxed to natural but my mindset is also transitioning. As I was doing my hair a few minutes ago (I didn't even finish because I just had to share) I was putting a little gel on my edges to smooth them down and get them as flat as possible. Even at about 9 months of transitioning, my mindset is still on relaxed. I want to go natural but sometimes I want a relaxed look. When I do achieve the task of getting my edges as flat as possible, as soon as I go outside for a few hours, they are right back to being frizzy. I find myself getting frustrated because I've worked so hard to get this look as if I had a relaxer. I continuously have to remind myself that this is what comes with being natural, texture.

Also, when I started transitioning, I had no idea why. Because I wanted longer healthy hair? Because I wanted curls just as easily as washing my hair? Just because?
Well over this journey, I've realized I'm doing it because I need that confidence and self pride. I need to feel good about myself no matter if my hair is relaxed at APL or a natural TWA. I have to realize that I'm beautiful no matter how my hair looks or what anyone thinks of me.

10 more days until BC. :)

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  1. Well you definitely have the correct mindset to go natural I think when we all decided to do it we have mixed emotions and reasons why ranging from just because, to more serious. Transitioning is one of the hardest parts especially dealing with the two textures but just know that in no time at all you'll have the freedom that comes with beautiful natural hair!!! Cant wait to see!