Thursday, May 6, 2010

WEN® Healthy Hair Care System

We transitioners and naturals know that shampoo strip our hair from their natural oils leaving it dry, dull and brittle. Over the past few months of learning more about my hair, I've began to talk to other about it. I've tried to explain to people that shampoo isn't good for their hair (whites and blacks) and that conditioner is really all you need because it still cleanses while retaining natural oils and moisture. Everyone I've explained this to looked at me as if I were crazy. The looks on their faces were "She only washes with conditioner ? Her hair is nasty . " Seriously.

I came across the WEN® Healthy Hair Care System just about 30 minutes ago.
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It claims:
    "Wen® Cleansing Conditioner is designed to eliminate ordinary shampoo without sacrificing the integrity and beauty of your hair. The WEN® system was created with a perfect balance of ingredients including herbs and natural ingredients to not only cleanse your scalp and hair but to also moisturize, soothe, strengthen and add sheen.

The cleansers are made with natural ingredients, and contain no sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents found in shampoos. They don’t lather; rather, they create smooth foam when mixed with water. "

1 - 12 oz. WEN® Cleansing Conditioner
1 - 2 oz. WEN® Styling Crème
1 - 2 oz. WEN® Re Moist Intensive
Hair Repair Mask

FREE Bonuses:

1 - 10g WEN® Texture Balm
1 - WEN® Wide Tooth Shower Comb

$29.95 (plus s&h)


I personally will not be buying it because the cash is definitely not flowing right now. Haha. I just wanted to let yall know that there is a product specific to co washing. But if someone has tried or will try it please let me know because I probably in the future may give it a try. For now I'll stick to my Suave and VO5. I'm just glad that word is getting out that shampoo is evil! :)


  1. i heard about this . i didnt know how to spell it so i couldnt google it .
    i like going natural for the summer
    i usally just scrunch up my curls and stuff.
    and i just found out about Miss Jessies like curl holding products have yu heard of that ?

    fOllOW ! COMMENT ! PROMOTE ! :) its greatly appreciatedd .

  2. I heard about this on an infomercial. There is a new line of treseme i think (excuse the spelling) that is designed to clean your hair without washing it. I also saw this on a commercial. I remember it was in a black bottle with green writing.