Saturday, July 3, 2010

Formspring question: why did you decide to go natural? what gave you the motivation?

"To be honest, I don't remember. Oct 09 I made up my mind to cut my hair in a pixie cut that Dec. As the months went by I didn't get a relaxer so I thought that maybe I shouldn't get one any more and just go natural. So I decided not to cut my hair in Dec because the pixie cut aint cute on naps. Lol. So I started researching natural hair via youtube, google, blogspot, etc...and I fell more in love with it. I would have to say my biggest motivation is the other women on youtube who transitioned and cut their hair. I've watched their hair grow beautifully from when they didn't have any to big full curls.

I also love that I'm not like any girls my age. The long straight (weave or real) hair is so common. I'm the only girl I know with a fro. Lol. And I love it."

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