Monday, July 12, 2010


Q: How many times have you dyed your hair ? And has your hair ever broken off as a result ? I just dyed my hair jet black but I wanna dye it a lighter colour again September/october...however I'm scared it'll all drop off or something and I'm NOT all for that.

A: A few weeks ago was the first time I dyed my hair...ever! Well besides hi-lights that I got Apr. 2009 but I never had a problem with my hi-lights.

As far as the color I have in now, I haven't experienced any breakage. I make sure to keep it moisturized. I don't plan on dying my hair again over the new color, I'll probably just touch up my roots every 6-8 weeks.

And for you I hear that it's fine to wait 6-8 to dye hair that has already been dyed prior. And since you said You just dyed it and want to wait until sept/oct then you should be good.

But make sure the color you want isn't too light to where you may need to bleach it because bleach is NO BUENO!

Hope this helped. :)

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