Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday hair: Twist out puff (FAIL)

Twist Out Puff

I tried to do twists for the first time since I've been natural. I figured my hair has grown enough to try to play around with it a little because I was sick of doing the samething every single day. Geez!

1. I parted small sections with my fingers (used clips to hold the rest of my hair back.)
2. Sprayed the section with water in my little ToGo spray bottle.
3. Used a little Shea Butter (because I dont want my hair to dry with just water)
4. Detangled
5. Two strand twisted. :)

After I twisted my whole head I just went to sleep with a satin head scarf.

Texture shot! Lol. All of that hair (above the twist) was dry tangled hair. Haha.
Another Texture shot. You can also see my color growing out! :D

The hardest time about twisting my hair was that my ends wouldn't stay! I don't know if I still have relaxed ends but they would not curl at all. I tried to used a curl gel on my ends to sort of seal it. Kind of worked.
I probably won't be doing this again for another few months, when my hair is longer.
It took my 2 hours to twist my whole head. But I kept stopping because I get restless a lot so maybe an hour to an hour and a half if I would have stopped fooling around.


I was going to wear a straight twistout but when I took all of them down (with coconut oil) it just wasn't cute.
So I decided to push my headband faaarrr back. I've never been able to do that before but the twists helped stretch my length. That's about the only thing I loved from the twistout. I saw a little curl defination but not much. But like I said, I'll try again in a few months. :)


  1. Your hair is growing so prettyfully lol. I love it. I actually was going to go natural but my hair caught on fire before so I'm not sure if going natural is best for me, but it looks amazing on you. Was that always your natural hair texture?

  2. Your hair is so pretty! It looks like it's grown alot to.

  3. I think it came out really cute! I wanna start wearing headbands...

  4. when I first went natural I tried to twist my hair and it did the same thing! I went to the barber to get my fro shaped and he cut maybe a half inch off and ever since then my hair twists fine! I believe that the first layer of hair that grows is scab hair which is in between permed hair and natural hair. Some people experience it and other don't, but I definitely remember going through the same thing!!

  5. I love ur hair!! I just went natural myself. Love ur blog :)