Thursday, April 1, 2010

I believe I owe an apology.

 This would be me, Shelby Corley. :)
I was about 3 months post relaxer in this picture.

In my video "One womans reaction to her BC" or something like that, I noticed a comment that referred to the woman in the video as me. That was not me and I haven't done the Big Chop yet. So sorry for any confusion, I thought it would known that she wasn't me from "one womans". Lol. I wouldnt refer to myself as "one woman". Hahaha.

So now here's my chance to update the new followers (and old) about who I am. They have been growing like crazy. Thanks! :)

    Why did I decide to go natural or transition? To be completely honest I have no idea why. I wanted to cut my hair but continue to relax it for a few months because I wanted the pixie Rihanna but that obviously didn't happen. I think it was the fact that I love curly hair and it's so hard to do it while relaxed without doing so much damage. And the curls don't even last!  
    When was my last relaxer? Once again I don't know. It was somewhere at the end of September. I was never the one to count the weeks, every time I got a "kitchen" I cried to my mama to get a perm.  
    Am I doing the big chop and is my transition short or long term? Yes. Im BCing June 5th or 6th for my 18th birthday and I would consider 8 months long term.

Well there you have three questions. Lol. I got tired of talking to myself but if you have any questions, PLEASE ask me. Also, comments, concerns, clarification are welcomed. Once again. SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION!

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