Friday, April 23, 2010

Shedding and Detangling.

I would have to say the beginning of my journey was a lot easier than it is now. It didn't get difficult until about the fourth month which I'm sure is normal for most since I've heard of so many women giving up ad relaxing at the fourth month or going ahead and BCing that wasn't the original goal. I used to curl my hair and wash about 2 times a week but it's gotten to be such a task that I've neglected my hair.

Detangling this mess is sooo terrible that I just detangle the top enough to put it back in a pony tail which is what I've been doing the past few months. I'm about 7 months post relaxer. Also because I've been wearing nothing but ponytails, my hair is breaking off a lot faster than it would have because of the fragile line of demarcation. My hair is getting thinner and thinner as time goes on. My initial thought was, "It doesn't matter because I'm going to BC in a few months/weeks." I'm now starting to worry since I pushed the date back 2 months.

This weekend I'll get together a new routine.

My poor tresses...or lack of.

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